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My first day as a summer employee at Umicore

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Every year we welcome summer employees to our plant in Kokkola. It is an excellent opportunity to gain relevant work experience and prepare for a future career. We have offered summer jobs for many years and our summer employees are fully coached and trained on-the-job to replace our colleagues during their holidays. This year we have  approx 100 summer employees! Are you a student wondering what a first day at Umicore looks like? Then read on quickly! We followed summer employee Samu on his first day! 

Ready to go! 

How does it begin? Samu is biking to the Umicore plant in the Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP). The plant has dedicated parking areas for your bike or car. Once arrived, all summer employees gather for an onboarding session. But first things first: signing the contract to make it official!

No stress! 

The first day may feel a little stressful with a lot of questions popping up. The onboarding session is essential to make everyone feel ‘at home’ at work Samu and his fellow summer employees learn what we do here at Umicore Finland and how we all contribute to a better world with our battery material products. We also give more details about safety measures and how much importance we place on our employees’ safety and health within our high-tech industrial plant. Of course, it is also about terms of work contract, leisure benefits, and other practicalities. 

Hungry for more 

After a morning full of information, we’re hungry! The first lunch is in the cafeteria with all employees to get to know each other better, share first impressions and… have good food! It’s Samu’s fourth time as a summer employee, so he has a lot of tips & tricks to share with newcomers at the table. After lunch it is time for everyone to get to know their individual workplace and to meet their supervisor and team members. The supervisor explains the responsibilities and answers initial questions on the job. 

Learning all summer long 

It is time to go home! The first day is over and Samu’s journey as a summer employee at Umicore has begun. Tomorrow the actual work begins and Samu will receive various trainings to be fully integrated in the team. His supervisor will accompany him throughout the summer to make sure that his time at Umicore will be a valuable professional experience. Welcome to Samu and all summer employees. Have a great and safe summer! 

The plant is growing! More opportunities are available.

 If you are a student looking for a job for next summer 2024, Umicore is the right place! Read more about being a summer employee by clicking here.