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Jiaqi W.

SAP- Preventive Maintenance Planner
Kokkola, Finland
Working for Umicore since 2021
"Since working at Umicore, I have been able to improve both my hard and soft skills"

Can you describe your role at Umicore?

I am an SAP preventive maintenance planner at the production site of Kokkola and I work on the equipment structure. I find suitable spare parts for our equipment and I make sure that all information is complete and available in the system.  

What do you enjoy about your job?

I like the fact that my job falls within the field of my studies. I get to know the practical side of both the chemical and process engineering part, as well as the electric equipment part which goes beyond what I learn at school.  

What do you enjoy about working for Umicore?

I found a nice working atmosphere here in Kokkola. I enjoy the team spirit a lot. Colleagues are friendly and we help each other when needed. Umicore also offers me a lot of variety and the opportunity to gain experience in different aspects of the field of rechargeable batteries. Last but not least, the restaurant food is very tasteful! 

Why did you want to join Umicore?

There were multiple factors that made me want to work for Umicore in Kokkola. First of all, I am interested in the field of rechargeable batteries in which Umicore is a big industry player. The battery materials industry becomes more and more important every year as batteries become increasingly present in our daily lives. Secondly, I wanted to do my summer job in my hometown Kokkola. Umicore turned out to be a great fit! 

What are your expectations when you go to work in the morning?

I want to carry out my tasks carefully, accurately and safely. I also expect to learn something new every day. This can be through learning from a colleague’s expertise or by doing things I have not done before.  

What has been your highlight so far while working at Umicore?

Everything. Since I started working here, I have been able to improve both my hard and soft skills. I can now work in SAP and find suitable spare parts by myself and I have also made significant progress by working as part of a team.  

Your advice to newcomers?

Enjoy your work and don’t worry too much! Also, do not be afraid to ask for help if there is something you do not know